The Infiniti 100R is engineered and designed to be the fastest monohull in the world capable of shattering every monohull record and claiming line honours in every race.
The Infiniti 100R is driven by man and not machine, as it does not require an engine to drive winches or canting keel and thus is eligible for all credible records.

The Infiniti 100R dimensions are:

30m in length

20,000kg of displacement

6.2m beam

6.0m draft.

In conditions that deliver 20-25 knots of wind the Infiniti 100R has the potential to sail 700 nautical miles in a 24 hours; the current world record stands at 596 nautical miles.
No supermaxi has ever undergone such intensive development and testing prior to construction. This has included radio controlled models, a 23ft test yacht, an extensive tank testing program at the Wolfson and GKN tanks, wind tunnel testing at the Twisted Flow facility at Auckland University and 3 years of refinement sailing an 27ft scale model of the Infiniti 100R in all conditions. This is product development and testing at the highest level.